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About me

Why can't something be both useful and delightful? I am passionate about keeping things simple, while still trying to anticipate what users need. I look at desired outcomes, and work backward to construct a product that gracefully meets users' expectations. Let me help you create a beautiful experience for your customers.

My Skills

Music Discovery App

'Surroundings' aims to help people find live music in their area. It addresses two problems:

  1. Live local music is not always easy to find. There is no centralized resource for finding music in your neighborhood.

  2. Local musicians promote themselves using post hoc methods, since promotional resources don't always target each artist's unique audience.

Customer Validation

First, I needed to validate my assumptions. Were these real problem that real people were having?

So, I sent out surveys. And I discovered that people were most likely to go out to see a musician play, if they had previously heard one of their songs.

To help fans become familiar with artists' songs, I decided to add a song sampling feature to the app. Users could listen to a sample of their work before seeing them live.

In addition to song samples, I also added tags to classify each artist by musical content and genre. Listeners will set their preferences by selecting which types of music they prefer. And the app will populate musicians that best match that musical taste.


Before entering the development phase, I created an interactive prototype, with Adobe XD. The purpose of this step was to assess a real user flow as it was happening.

I discovered that some people were confused by a directional "back" arrow, as well as some interface copy. I replaced the arrow with a home icon, and revised a few of the section headings, to prevent these errors from occuring in the future.

You can test the prototype by clicking the link below the animations.